We Have Moved the Blog

the new web address is: http://nakedempire2.blogspot.com/

In order to enhance our readers news experience, we have moved the current “nakedempire” to a different address (listed below) we call it nakedempire2.

This site, nakedempire 1, will still continue to run but it will not gain any new content. With nakedempire2 we will be able to bring our readers more content. The new blog contains more information and breaking news (that we had trouble bringing to you here at nakedempire1). We have migrated much of the content found here at this site, to the new site.

We want to thank all of our readers for their loyalty, and we can only hope that you will follow us to the new blog. This move is done with the intension of appealing to the interests of our readers and we hope that you enjoy our new site.

And now without further adieu we bring you nakedempire2


Thank you for your cooperation and for reading nakedempire.

-The nakedempire team


4 responses to “We Have Moved the Blog

  1. You are doing a terrific job! God Bless You All! Elina and Ken Whaley

  2. your link to the new location for yr blog does not work. pls let me know how to access it.

    thank you


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