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Land grab for food

“Land grabs have grabbed global attention. It’s on the agenda at theWorld Economic Forum this week, and as the trend for large land acquisitions accelerates, it has moved from being primarily a story about Middle Eastern petrodollars pouring into Africa, to a much more widely spread phenomenon affecting many parts of south-east Asia, such as the Phillipines, as well as Latin America.

In Cambodia, 15% of land has been signed over to private companies since 2005, a third of which are foreign. A new set of research studies from the International Land Coalition find the competition for landincreasingly global and unequal.

Many of the deals are shrouded in secrecy, so the scale of what is happening is not clear, nor is it clear who is benefiting from these deals; a number of new reports try to tease these issues out, such as theInternational Institute for Environment and Development‘s analysis of legal contract, which is published on Monday.

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is the us debt $200 trillion dollars?

thats a lot of potatoes.

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is the turmoil in the middle east designed to kill the dollar?

is the international monetary fund behind  the turmoil or the military industrial complex? ……lots of theorys about the the crisis in the middle east

“We suggest this possibility because we believe there are larger forces at work in the Middle East. Could it be that the power elite itself is inciting these disturbances? Is the idea, eventually, to crash the dollar and set up a global currency in its place?”

“The Pentagon’s budget is in danger of being cut – and hard. A more formidable enemy is called for. And now the Middle East is ablaze.”

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