‘West should ‘go beyond’ no-fly zone, US says’

oh boy……….another 10 yr war?………
“The US has signalled that the international community should “go beyond” a no-fly zone in Libya, suggesting military intervention for the first time.”

read it here:



One response to “‘West should ‘go beyond’ no-fly zone, US says’

  1. understand the western powers are very tired of intervention after Iraq and Afghanistan, but after reading about Gaddafi’s recent interview with some journalists during which he threatened to work with Al Gaeda, with his past track record in bombing commercial planes, you have to take his words seriously. Whether to intervene or not to intervene is no more a question of whether should you help the rebels? The question is whether the western powers are willing to risk this likelihood of Gaddafi sponsoring terrorism against soft western targets in the future ? Since the uprising, western powers have imposed sanctions against him and France even went to extent of granting diplomatic recognition to the rebels. For sure, after Gaddafi finishes off the rebels, he will seek revenge against the western powers. Out of defense, the western power may have to launch a 3rd Desert Storm to protect its interests. My view has now changed and I think western power can’t afford to stand by to see him wipe off the rebels. At least, if can’t overthrown him, let him get bogged down on a protracted civil guerilla warfare so that Gaddafi has no time to export terrorism

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