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“Channel Tunnel rail link sale begins UK’s big sell off”

austerity is a bitch……….coming to america sooner than you think

“The great austerity auction of state-owned assets has commenced after a pair of Canadian pension funds splashed out £2.1bn to acquire High Speed One, the UK’s high-speed rail link.”

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Tax Havens: Hiding Billions/Trillions from the Taxman

this crap has got to stop………………….1/2 of all world trade is run thru tax havens…….its no wonder we have a $14 trillion debt

“Pretty much every big name on the high street uses them to cut their tax bills – helping them undercut your local shops for reasons that have nothing to do with real efficiency and everything to do with bilking the taxpayer.”


The Global Debt Clock: $38 Trillion and Growing

have a good weekend…………………….


here is what a trillion dollars looks like:


is the us debt $200 trillion dollars?

thats a lot of potatoes.

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A 2008 article about the derivatives market

ONE QUADRILLION DOLLARS. (one thousand trillion).This is the reason that our economy is doomed and may never recover. It is also the reason that the FED continues to print money and is why Obama will propose to fiscally stimulate the economy in the upcoming state of the union speech.

Our public officials tell us that the economy is improving and everything is fine. It can be argued that if things were fine, the fed would not be printing and the executive branch would not be proposing huge spending increases.

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