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Egypt’s military to protesters: F you

Ruling military council intends to retain power for six months or longer while elections are scheduled and will rule by decree.

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john bolton: “if mubarak falls, israel should bomb iran”

the neo-cons love war……… war, what is it good for………… absolutely nothing. somebody tell johnny that america is broke……$14trillion in debt….we cant afford another war.

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250,000 protest in cairo. amazing photos


mubarak worth $40 billion?

all of it stolen from the egyptian people.

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rage against the machine

did anyone see this coming……………….

“The Egyptian intifada – among its multiple meanings – smashed to pieces the Western-concocted propaganda drive of “Arabs as terrorists”. Now, minds finally decolonized, Arabs are inspiring the whole world, teaching the West how to go about democratic change. And guess what: one does not need “shock and awe”, renditions, torture and trillions of Pentagon dollars to make it work! No wonder Washington, Tel Aviv, Riyadh, London or Paris never saw it coming.”

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Egypt plans “march of millions”

early reports are that Egypt is running out of food. more to follow

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water, food and fuel are in short supply


video of riots in Egypt