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Australia: Boost Military to take on China

things are heating up everywhere…………..

“AUSTRALIA will need nuclear-powered attack submarines among a range of highly potent weapons systems, and must revolutionise its strategic culture to answer the security dangers posed by China’s massive military build-up, according to one of the federal government’s chief military advisers.”


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the rise of china’s military

“An increasingly assertive Chinese military may be providing the answer.  Chinese leaders — party and military — may well appreciate that China needs to secure its position as a great power before tackling the huge challenges of a graying population.”

“The root of China’s coming demographic crisis is the nation’s longstanding one-child policy; that policy has markedly skewed the Chinese population older.  Not far off, many more old people and fewer young people mean greater strains on China.”

“Howe and Jackson aren’t alone in their assessment of China’s future.  AT’s Thomas Lifson notes that because Chinese parents widely prefer that their one child be a male, aborting female fetuses, there will be about 40 million bachelor males in 2020 unable to find a female spouse. Not only does this reduce births, it provides an ample supply of unattached males suitable for military service.”

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more college grads signing up for military service

what a sad state of affairs this country is in. folks, even the US military will have to be cut. america is broke. the empire is crumbling and overseas bases will be cut. the young people in this country face a very uncertain future.

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