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Egypt’s military to protesters: F you

Ruling military council intends to retain power for six months or longer while elections are scheduled and will rule by decree.

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yemen’s dictator will not seek re-election

who’s next? some say the house of saud. we shall see

“Mr. Saleh, an American ally who has been in office for 32 years, said that his eldest son, Ahmed, who heads the elite Republican Guard, would not seek the presidency either. Opponents of the government had feared that Mr. Saleh would try to pass power to his son.”


syrian protests planned for saturday

“Al Arabiya reports that one group, called “The Syria Revolution 2011:”

Described al-Assad’s rule as dictatorship and showed torture YouTube videos of political dissident in the country.

The group also called for civil disobedience, and encouraged “all of the brave Syrian youth, from all factions and social classes and from all provinces” to “not be silent about oppression.””

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anger in the arab world

it’s not just the arab world. anger is spreading AROUND THE WORLD…….. things are a changing……………

“The Arab polity has been caught in a devil’s compact. Small ruling circles persuaded the West — and their own middle classes — to support them in return for keeping militant Islam at bay. What emerged, argue scholars such as Sorbonne’s Burhan Ghalioun, were arrogant and “corrupt elites backed by Western countries”.”

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breaking: protests in russia

dozens arrested….more to follow:

“The rubbish tip of history awaits Putin just like all dictators,” he told Reuters, raising chants of “Putin resign” and “Russia without Putin.”

“Moscow authorities gave permission for 1,000 people to gather, but in the past police have beaten or detained demonstrators they accused of infractions at such rallies.”


syrians call for protests………..

contagion anyone? installing new governments ala Jordan wont work. kings and dictators will have to leave. THINGS ARE GETTING SERIOUS. keep an eye on SE asia.

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“Jordan’s King Dismisses Cabinet After Protests”

breaking story from jordan, but im guessing that the middle east is not done yet. can america keep things together in the region, I DOUBT IT.

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