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Frannie and Freddie Plan Nears

“The Obama administration and House Republicans are settling into a game of chicken over Fannie Mae andFreddie Mac, with each side daring the other to advance a plan for replacing the two housing finance companies.”

the banks own congress, the white house and the supreme court and will decide what happens here.

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is the turmoil in the middle east designed to kill the dollar?

is the international monetary fund behind  the turmoil or the military industrial complex? ……lots of theorys about the the crisis in the middle east

“We suggest this possibility because we believe there are larger forces at work in the Middle East. Could it be that the power elite itself is inciting these disturbances? Is the idea, eventually, to crash the dollar and set up a global currency in its place?”

“The Pentagon’s budget is in danger of being cut – and hard. A more formidable enemy is called for. And now the Middle East is ablaze.”

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foreclosure attorney faces hard times, sued by investors

poor bastard…………………..

“David J. Stern may be the best-known beneficiary of the foreclosure boom, having made millions in recent years from evictions processed by his law firm, the largest of its kind in Florida. But when he took part of his firm public early last year, he had plenty of help from a constellation of investors also looking to cash in on people losing their homes.”

“As the Florida attorney general’s office continues to investigate whether Mr. Stern’s law firm falsified documents in order to speed up foreclosures, the firm has lost its biggest clients, including Citibank and Fannie Mae. Many of DJSP’s executives have left the company, and it has laid off about 80 percent of its 1,200 employees.”

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250,000 protest in cairo. amazing photos