‘Michigan Declares ‘Financial Martial Law’

“Michigan’s legislature has passed a bill declaring “financial martial law,” as one legislator put it, which allows the state to appoint emergency managers who can break union contracts in school districts and cities having money trouble,Politico‘s Jennifer Epstein reports. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Al Pscholka, says the hope is that financial managers can stage an intervention before municipalities are so underwater there are few options to balance the books. The managers will also have the power to nullify elected councils and boards, or dissolve whole cities or school districts without a public vote. Gov. Rick Snyder will likely sign the bill soon.”

sounds like something they would do in communist china….read it here:



One response to “‘Michigan Declares ‘Financial Martial Law’

  1. Another Beck head teabagger who lied to get elected. I’m sure he told everyone he was going to push through a bill that appointed a board to dissolve school systems and towns with out a vote. I’m also sure he was open and honest about pushing through a bill to tax pension benefits when he was campaigning.

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