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Soaring Inflation in Argentina

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United Nations warns food prices could rise 40% in the next decade

1/4 of US  grain fuels cars not people. look for more riots in the future

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double digit inflation in russia: price controls coming.

nakedempire reported rioting in russia just a few days ago. are more riots in putin’s future?

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inflation is everywhere from china to india to the middle east.

ben bernanke said that inflation was not a problem. he said it on 60 minutes. well guess what, its a MAJOR problem and its going to get worse.

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“Inflation might just become the next crisis to hit the globe, according to UBS Investment Bank’s senior economic advisor, George Magnus.”

hello…………….. INFLATION IS A MAJOR PROBLEM RIGHT NOW. pakistan has 20% food inflation right now!  inflation will continue to be a problem as the federal reserve bank continues to print dollars and debase our currency.

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price of chocolate set to soar

political unrest is everywhere

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IMF warns of devastating food inflation

“The managing director of the International Monetary Fund said that these tensions could lead to rising protectionism, social and political instability and even spark war.”

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