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‘American who sparked diplomatic crisis over Lahore shooting was CIA spy’

its heating up in pakistan………………..

“Many Pakistanis are outraged at the idea of an armed American rampaging through their second-largest city. Analysts have warned of Egyptian-style protests if Davis is released. The government, fearful of a backlash, says it needs until 14 March to decide whether Davis enjoys immunity.”

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“pakistan dismisses alarmist reporting about nuclear program”

oh, boy…..this is how the war in iraq started. stay tuned. remember dick cheney on “meet the press”? quoting the nytimes about WMD………………….i do.

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all eyes on pakistan, after the middle east of course

yesterday we brought you the story of pakistans potential economic collapse:


today the nytimes  is reporting on pakistans nuclear program:


one senses something brewing. are events spiraling out of control. is the IMF pulling strings here? time will tell.