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Communist China replaces Japan as Worlds 2nd largest economy.

how does a communist country become the 2nd largest economy in the world?…..how did all of our jobs end up in communist china?….many countries are complaining about this from america to brazil to even zimbabwe and when zimbabwe is complaining about cheap chinese imports something is seriously wrong.

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Australia: Boost Military to take on China

things are heating up everywhere…………..

“AUSTRALIA will need nuclear-powered attack submarines among a range of highly potent weapons systems, and must revolutionise its strategic culture to answer the security dangers posed by China’s massive military build-up, according to one of the federal government’s chief military advisers.”


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What are the Communist Chinese so afraid of?

the chicoms are hiding something and it just might be the weakness of their economy….

“Beijing is taking no chances regarding the possible impact that the “color” revolutions raging in North Africa and Middle East may have on China.”

While news about the dramatic events in Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and surrounding regions can still be found in the state media, all Chinese editors have been told by the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Propaganda Department that they can only use news dispatches by the official Xinhua News Agency.”

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Communist China’s thirst for raw materials

plenty of stories about chinese imperialism………..


Communist China’s Imperialism: A view from South Africa

china’s double speak is almost as bad america’s……………its all about raw materials and always will be.


Is communist China getting too pushy in Africa?

the thirst for raw materials to fuel the engine of the communist economy……. how will this end?


Brazil not so happy with China

a lopsided relationship

“The core problem is a torrent of Chinese imports that has quintupled in size since 2005, with disastrous effects for Brazilian manufacturers and the well-paying, highly skilled jobs that Rousseff is so focused on creating.”….. sound familiar?

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