$1.2 Trillion to be Spent on Military Fiscal 2012

“Christopher Hellman at TomDispatch added up all the military-related spending in the budget and came to a startling number: for fiscal year 2012, the actual military budget is something like $1.2 trillion dollars.”

read it here:


2 responses to “$1.2 Trillion to be Spent on Military Fiscal 2012

  1. Now, we can’t be cutting the military. The banksters/corporatist couldn’t do their global thing if the U.S. military wasn’t around to keep all the serfs in line. Not much profit to be made on free trade in a world in chaos.

  2. For 40 years I’ve been saying we’re going the way Rome and Great Briton went. Expending our resources and dollars in far reaching places and building a military force that collapses under it’s own weight.
    We’re supporting aircraft carriers that cost millions of dollars daily just to keep them from sinking. Using fuel at barrels per minute to keep planes ready. Millions of dollars per minute to feed, cloth and housing for foreign bases.
    Why do we still have bases in Europe and Korea when millions of our citizens are homeless and struggling to feed themselves.
    Remember, for 200 years or more the British pound was the currency of the world just as Romes currency dominated the known world.
    1.2 trillion dollars is the total money allocated for all military expeditions through out the world most of which is on credit. 40 cents of every dollar we spend goes to pay the interest on those loans. In two or three years, we will no longer be able to pay the interest when it goes above 50%.
    Gas will cost up-wards of $10 a gallon because the dollar will not be the world currency. We will have to pay foreign suppliers with gold or silver or the new world currency. Right now, the dollar will only purchase 3/4 of a euro, silver cost 40 us dollars and gold $1,500.
    The US is strictly a consuming country. the US has very little that the rest of the world wants to buy. We’ve squandered our resources and and technical superiority.

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