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Tax Havens: Hiding Billions/Trillions from the Taxman

this crap has got to stop………………….1/2 of all world trade is run thru tax havens…….its no wonder we have a $14 trillion debt

“Pretty much every big name on the high street uses them to cut their tax bills – helping them undercut your local shops for reasons that have nothing to do with real efficiency and everything to do with bilking the taxpayer.”




From pepe escobar…..more evidence of mubarak $40 billion dollar net worth. HOW MANY OTHER DICTATORS, THAT AMERICA PROPS UP, HAVE THIS KIND OF NET WORTH?  these dictators are stealing our money!!

“No crumbs for the Pharaoh though. According to a mix of UnitedStates, Syrian and Algerian sources his personal fortune amounts to no less than US$40 billion – stolen from the public treasury in the form of “commissions”, on weapons sales, for instance. The Pharaoh controls loads of real estate, especially in the US; accounts in US, German, British and Swiss banks; and has “links” with corporations such as MacDonald’s, Vodafone, Hyundai and Hermes. Suzanne, the British-Irish Pharaoh’s wife, is worth at least $5 billion. And son Gamal – the one that may have fled to London, now stripped of his role as dynastic heir – also boasts a personal fortune of $17 billion.”

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a list of dictators that america loves to support:


rich countries buying farmland from poor countries

“The acquisition of farmland from the world’s poor by rich countries and international corporations is accelerating at an alarming rate, with an area half the size of Europe’s farmland targeted in the last six months, reports from UN officials and agriculture experts say.”

“According to a US-based think tank, the International Food Policy Research Institute, nearly $20bn to $30bn a year is being spent by rich countries on land in developing countries.”

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cuomo declares new york state “functionally bankrupt”

refreshing to hear a politician telling the truth. now, if we could just get this kind of honesty at the federal level.

” Declaring New York State “functionally bankrupt,” Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo proposed a $132.9 billion budget on Tuesday that would reduce year-to-year spending for the first time in more than a decade, sharply cut back projected spending on education and health care, and cut the budget for state agencies by more than half a billion dollars in the next fiscal year.”

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mubarak worth $40 billion?

all of it stolen from the egyptian people.

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the hypocrisy of billionaires

good stuff from firedoglake

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