‘Why is there no looting in Japan?’

an interesting look at Japanese culture…………..god bless Japan

read it here:



4 responses to “‘Why is there no looting in Japan?’

  1. This is a real Japanese culture and people.

    I want many people in this world to know about a real Japanese people.

    The looting never happened in Japan and even people who lose their everything is in a long long line for getting foods, water or medicine etc without any complains.
    Japanese people is quite patient and they think of another people at first.

    Remember about Hanshin big earthquake?
    It was a huge one but NO LOOTING either.

  2. Thank you very much for praying, Nakedempire………

  3. the Japanese, like the Germans are very disciplined and cohesive people, that is why even though given their small size, they can wage major wars, in peaceful time, they can channel this unique cultural characteristics to modernization and industrialization. Another country which I think that share this same feature is Korea.

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