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View From Russia: Western countries advocating intervention as pretext for oil grab – Russian envoy’

“As the international community continues to debate the role it should take in the Libyan unrest, Russia’s Envoy to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin expresses concern over NATO’s plans for military intervention in the country.”

“He tells RT that certain countries are pushing to get involved in Libya because they are reliant on its oil resources.”


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Pictures and Videos from the Middle East

from iran to bahrain, the region is exploding……….will the protests and riots reach the house of saud?…………..stay tuned………….

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Iran’s view of events in the Middle East


Chomsky’s take on events in the middle east

not what you will here from the main stream media ……chomsky calls at as he see’s it……………


inflation is everywhere from china to india to the middle east.

ben bernanke said that inflation was not a problem. he said it on 60 minutes. well guess what, its a MAJOR problem and its going to get worse.

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is the turmoil in the middle east designed to kill the dollar?

is the international monetary fund behind  the turmoil or the military industrial complex? ……lots of theorys about the the crisis in the middle east

“We suggest this possibility because we believe there are larger forces at work in the Middle East. Could it be that the power elite itself is inciting these disturbances? Is the idea, eventually, to crash the dollar and set up a global currency in its place?”

“The Pentagon’s budget is in danger of being cut – and hard. A more formidable enemy is called for. And now the Middle East is ablaze.”

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250,000 protest in cairo. amazing photos