‘The Arab Revolution And Anti-Imperialism’

“It is very difficult to look at events in the Middle East and comment critically. When we point a finger, three are pointing back at us, especially if we reside in the West. We deplore Gaddafi but train his army and supply his weapons. Our government’s support the will of the people in overthrowing Gaddafi as it is the removal of a 42 year old hindrance, for empire. Unlike Mubarak and Ben Ali, Gaddafi has a deep and antagonistic relationship with the forces that are now circling. NATO do not care of his brutality. Do not be fooled. The “International community” is listening far more to the executives of BP than it is to the citizens of Benghazi. Our governments, as ever, use the discourse of human rights to latch on to a country’s infrastructure, undermine it, and suck it dry; killing with kindness.”

read it here:



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