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View From Russia: Western countries advocating intervention as pretext for oil grab – Russian envoy’

“As the international community continues to debate the role it should take in the Libyan unrest, Russia’s Envoy to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin expresses concern over NATO’s plans for military intervention in the country.”

“He tells RT that certain countries are pushing to get involved in Libya because they are reliant on its oil resources.”


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Russia: Goldman Sacks to blame for food crisis

even the russians hate golden slaks…………………but does putin realize that lloyd is doing gods work?


the russian view of NATO and a defenseless europe

“Even in its present condition NATO can survive a fairly long time because it remains beneficial for its participants, especially those in Europe. As members of the Alliance they are free to do nothing, to spend nothing on defense and all the while to pretend that they are sitting pretty. In reality, Europe is becoming a defenseless continent.”

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double digit inflation in russia: price controls coming.

nakedempire reported rioting in russia just a few days ago. are more riots in putin’s future?

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breaking: protests in russia

dozens arrested….more to follow:

“The rubbish tip of history awaits Putin just like all dictators,” he told Reuters, raising chants of “Putin resign” and “Russia without Putin.”

“Moscow authorities gave permission for 1,000 people to gather, but in the past police have beaten or detained demonstrators they accused of infractions at such rallies.”