“Public Disgrace”

“The funny part is that this “American dream” crap is not “American” at all. It is old, old stuff. In fact, it predates America, probably going back to the time of the Cro-Magnon era, where all the cavemen wanted to be supported by all the rest of the cavemen, and so they invented central banking and fiat currency so that they could constantly create more and more money to give to people so that they could hire someone to bring them bananas and groom their fur for parasites, which was supposed to grow the banana and grooming economy, but did not, and the fiat currency went to zero value due to its over-creation, causing the social structure to disintegrate, which is probably why there are no Cro-Magnon people still alive, although I am not sure, and, unfortunately, proving it would entail me doing actual work, so it ain’t a-gonna happen.”

read it here:



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