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  1. intro
  2. what is anonymous
  3. recent news on anonymous
  4. “web cretan’s” stories on anonymous
  5. videos


1. intro:

“Anonymous” is a “hacktivist” organization that works to shut down corporations that they think are corrupting the general public.  The group works to thwart government and promote the rights of freedom of speech and internet freedom. They hold protests and hack general sites in efforts to do so. “Describing itself as “the freedom of speech, the freedom of information and the freedom of expression taken to a logical extreme,” Anon says it breaks laws, but only for the greater good.”

This page will be updated with videos and news all on the subject of “Anonymous”.  Check back often.

2.What is “Anonymous”:

Wikipedia on anonymous…read it here

3. recent news on “Anonymous”:

  • thinq article on anonymous…read it here added on march 13th
  • the register article on anonymous…read it here added on march 13th
  • the register article on anonymous…read it here  added on march 13th
  • news week article on anonymous…read it here added on march 13th
  • the register article on anonymous…read it here added on march 13th
  • huffington post article on anonymous…read it here added on march 13th
  • aljazeera article on anonymous…read it here added on march 13th
  • Newyork times article on anonymous…read it here added on march 13th
  • press tv article on anonymous…read it here added on march 13th
  • village voice article on anonymous…read it here added on march 13th
  • zerohedge article on anonymous…read it here added on march 13th

4. web cretan’s stories on anonymous:

—>anonymous has released their “dirt” on Bank of America

read about it from christian science monitor: here, fox news: here or 

san francisco gate: here

—>operation empire state

read about the operation here:


-from web cretan: March 13


—> The letterhead sent to BMI

here’s the letter sent to BMI from anonymous.

An Open Letter To Broadcast Music, Inc.

“To: Broadcast Music, Incorporated

Greetings from Anonymous,

As you have no doubt gathered from various media outlets and our own information disseminated across the internet, we are an internet activist group independent of any and all national, political, or religious affiliations. Despite our differences, we are united in the preservation of intellectual freedom and fair copyright laws. Too long have the music and cinema industries, among others, abused copyright for their own gain. Legislation serves to protect artists not the companies managing them and should never attempt to prevent the spread of creativity to the general public.

We have seen BMI consistently copyright legislation and consequently have decided to take action against it to show that the people will not stand for its crimes against the public. As of the time of the writing of this letter BMI.com has been taken down by our successful attack. This is a message to you and other corporations like you, we cannot stand this abuse anymore. No company can take advantage of our liberties to churn profits and censor information in any form, this is unacceptable and will be dealt with accordingly by US.

We are not pirates, we are not loner hackers in our mother’s basement, we are your neighbors, your co-workers, your family and your friends; we are omnipresent. We are Anonymous.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

You should have expected us.”

-from web cretan: March 13


—>‘Anonymous Explained: How a Web Movement Was Born’

lots of news on “anonymous”…………………

“What happens when you put together thousands and thousands of creative, intelligent, and varied people on a community Web site with a broad scope and few rules? For starters, you get a massive exercise in group psychology and the meme concept put forth by Richard Dawkins.”

read it here:


-from web cretan: March 13


—>The “Robespierre” of our day

Maximilien Robespierre was a revolutionary, a voice against the general power. people say that he was the architect of one of the worlds most devastating yet powerful revolutions: the French. The revolutionaries in the revolution were mostly common people led by one man. together they devised a plan to strike out against government and create a better, safer and more fair living environment. These revolutionaries struck out and did what they thought was right to improve things for the greater good.

Today people can argue that the world is run by a corrupt government. The question is: where are our revolutionaries. Well our revolutionaries look and act a little different from those of Robespierre. Today we have an organization called: anonymous, an internet organization that hacks all types of sites that they believe are corrupting the general public. this can be considered revolutionary because they are striking out against what they think is wrong. The question is: should they be doing what they are doing?

In the french revolution the revolutionaries fought hard against the monarchy and they eventually won what they were fighting for: equality fraternity and liberty. the problem was once the monarchy was gone the country began to flounder. Without a stable sence of power the country exploded into a bloodbath. The “national razor” (guillotine) didn’t stop falling on french heads. There was no liberty their was no equality and there was no fraternity. France bathed in blood and killed the architect of there revolution: Robespierre. Deaths continued until one man: Napoleon Bonaparte became the head of government.

so what does this mean for our revolution is it doing the correct thing? is hacking really the answer to fixing this corrupt empire of which we live? and what is to come of America if they reach their goals? do we have the same fate as France had? these are all questions we have to consider, and I’m not just referring to anonymous I’m referring to all of the anti government/ hacking/ “revolutionary”  organizations. this could be a problem or it could be just what America needs.

-from web cretan: March 12


—> operation empire state rebellion

“We are a decentralized non-violent resistance movement which seeks to restore the rule of law and fight back against the organized criminal class.”

      -from: http://ampedstatus.org/network/groups/a99/


-from web cretan: March 12

5. videos on “Anonymous”:


-This page is brought to you by web cretan the co writer on https://nakedempire.wordpress.com


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