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‘American who sparked diplomatic crisis over Lahore shooting was CIA spy’

its heating up in pakistan………………..

“Many Pakistanis are outraged at the idea of an armed American rampaging through their second-largest city. Analysts have warned of Egyptian-style protests if Davis is released. The government, fearful of a backlash, says it needs until 14 March to decide whether Davis enjoys immunity.”

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Pictures and Videos from the Middle East

from iran to bahrain, the region is exploding……….will the protests and riots reach the house of saud?…………..stay tuned………….

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Chomsky’s take on events in the middle east

not what you will here from the main stream media ……chomsky calls at as he see’s it……………



From pepe escobar…..more evidence of mubarak $40 billion dollar net worth. HOW MANY OTHER DICTATORS, THAT AMERICA PROPS UP, HAVE THIS KIND OF NET WORTH?  these dictators are stealing our money!!

“No crumbs for the Pharaoh though. According to a mix of UnitedStates, Syrian and Algerian sources his personal fortune amounts to no less than US$40 billion – stolen from the public treasury in the form of “commissions”, on weapons sales, for instance. The Pharaoh controls loads of real estate, especially in the US; accounts in US, German, British and Swiss banks; and has “links” with corporations such as MacDonald’s, Vodafone, Hyundai and Hermes. Suzanne, the British-Irish Pharaoh’s wife, is worth at least $5 billion. And son Gamal – the one that may have fled to London, now stripped of his role as dynastic heir – also boasts a personal fortune of $17 billion.”

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a list of dictators that america loves to support:


yemen’s dictator will not seek re-election

who’s next? some say the house of saud. we shall see

“Mr. Saleh, an American ally who has been in office for 32 years, said that his eldest son, Ahmed, who heads the elite Republican Guard, would not seek the presidency either. Opponents of the government had feared that Mr. Saleh would try to pass power to his son.”


are terrorists taking advantage of growing anarchy in egypt?

unconfirmed reports  that something big was transferred to gaza are circulating.

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250,000 protest in cairo. amazing photos