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Communist China replaces Japan as Worlds 2nd largest economy.

how does a communist country become the 2nd largest economy in the world?…..how did all of our jobs end up in communist china?….many countries are complaining about this from america to brazil to even zimbabwe and when zimbabwe is complaining about cheap chinese imports something is seriously wrong.

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“As China grows more assertive, U.S., Japan push back”

china has an insatiable appetite for raw materials and will grow even more assertive in the years to come. stay turned.

“The U.S. has long been the dominant military power in the region, protecting Japan, South Korea and Taiwan and keeping vital shipping lanes open for trade. China is now emerging as a rival, sending its ships farther out to sea as its military strength grows.”

“China says it’s not a threat, but its diplomatic and military stance has became increasingly muscular, most notably at sea. It is developing a stealth fighter jet and an advanced missile that could hold an aircraft carrier battle group at bay. It also hopes to deploy its first aircraft carriers over the next decade.”

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update: bird flu continues to spread in japan

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update: bird flu spreading in japan

nakedempire will keep you updated on this developing story

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