‘Chinese Leadership Fears Its Own People’

what are the chinese so afraid of?

“Beijing is making sure Chinese pro-democracy activists, who have called for their own “Jasmine Revolution,” do not succeed in emulating their North African counterparts. The leadership’s crackdown borders on paranoia, but the Communist Party knows that the economic miracle that maintains social stability is at risk.”

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BOOK REVIEW: ‘Merchant Kings’

a book review from the washington times……….

“For three centuries commencing about 1600, much of the world’s commerce was controlled by what one could call “privatized imperialism” in the form of six privately owned trading companies granted state monopolies and operating beyond any independent control.”

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Update Libya…………….

update on events in libya


‘The megaquake connection: Are huge earthquakes linked?’

another earthquake rattles japan overnite……….

“We are in a cluster right now and it’s centred on Japan,” says Stein. “Japan could be in for other big quakes in the wake of this one. That part we should agree on.”

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‘The Small Tunisian Town that Sparked the Arab Revolution’

“On Dec. 17, 2010, a fruit seller named Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire after a dispute with a government official. His act triggered the Arab Revolution. Why did it begin in a small Tunisian city? And how have local residents reacted to their new freedoms?”

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‘The Other Global Toxic Cloud: China’s Pollution’

“Mercury, sulfates, ozone, black carbon, flu-laced desert dust. Even as America 
tightens emission standards, the 
fast-growing economies of Asia 
are filling the air with hazardous components that 
circumnavigate the globe.”

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must see photo essay: “China’s big dam problem”:



‘Japan’s quake: Why California is next’

oh boy……..

“There was a horrifically destructive Pacific earthquake in New Zealand on Feb. 22, and an even more violent magnitude-8.8 event in Chile almost exactly a year before. All three phenomena involved more or less the same family of circum-Pacific fault lines and plate boundaries…. Now there have been catastrophic events at three corners of the Pacific Plate — one in the Northwest, on Friday; one in the Southwest, last month; one in the Southeast, last year.”

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ring of fire map from USGS: