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The Evil Rothschild Banking Cabal

“The connection between this latest round of uprisings and the prior protests throughout Europe is one the mainstream media is not making.  We are witnessing a decentralized global rebellion against Neo-Liberal economic imperialism.”

“Whether national populations realize it or not, these uprisings are against systemic global economic policies that are strategically designed to exploit the working class, reduce living standards, increase personal debt and create severe inequalities of wealth.  These global uprising, which have only just begun, are the first wave of the inevitable reaction to the implementation of a centralized worldwide Neo-Feudal economic order.”

must read: The Evil Rothschild Banking Cabal


Forks and Spoons

we can’t all be billionaires lobbying for tax breaks and using tax havens to avoid taxes. there is a need for blue-collar jobs in this once great country. without blue-collar jobs, i fear what happened in Egypt will happen here and in very short order.

“SPOONS and forks, the metal flatware that everyone uses, are no longer made in the United States. The last factory in an industry stretching back to colonial times closed eight months ago in Sherrill, N.Y., a small community in the foothills of the Adirondacks, and 80 employees lost their jobs.”

read more here:

When Factories Vanish, So Can Innovators


china ready for war

what national interest? cheap products? stolen intellectual property?…..

read china ready to go to war to safeguard national interests


maps of war

5000 yrs of history in 90 seconds…………enjoy….

read imperial history of the middle east


Rise of the mega cities

a must see………………………….how will the world cope?

“A five-part, multimedia series on the coming dystopia that is urbanization.”

“The shift is “a watershed in human history, comparable to the Neolithic or Industrial revolutions,” urban theorist Mike Davis wrote in his book “Planet of Slums.”

read rise of the mega cities


50 million refugees

the hits just keep comin………………

“Fifty million “environmental refugees” will flood into the global north by 2020, fleeing food shortages sparked by climate change, experts warned at a major science conference that ended here Monday.”

“In 2020, the UN has projected that we will have 50 million environmental refugees,” Cristina Tirado, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, said at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).”

“In many Middle Eastern and North African countries, you have a cocktail of politics, religion and other things, but often it’s just poor people saying ‘I’ve got to survive, I’ve got to eat, I’ve got to feed my family’ that ignites things,” he said.”

read 50 million ‘environmental refugees’ by 2020, experts say


Fall of the House of Saud

as it looks like Mubarak is on his way out, now might be a good time to revisit this story from 2003 from the atlantic:

read The Fall of the House of Saud


Imagine a car that gets 260 MPG……

wish i could say that we engineered this vehicle, but it was the germans.

read Volkswagen XL1 Concept – Driving Impressions


silicon sweatshops

ever wonder where your high-tech gear comes from….. it’s no wonder unemployment is so high in america

read silicon sweatshops


The Global Debt Clock: $38 Trillion and Growing

have a good weekend…………………….

see the global debt clock

here is what a trillion dollars looks like:

see what a trillion dollars looks like


Top-Secret America

a little weekend reading. if you want to know where your tax dollars are going, read this. congress wants to cut federal spending, well i suggest they start here. america is $14 trillion dollars in debt with an upcoming $1.5 trillion deficit and has 1000 military installations around the world. is all of this really necessary?

from the washington post:

see top-secret america

additional weekend reading from 1971 “none dare call it conspiracy”

read the document

“fall of the house of saud”

read fall of the house of Saud


millions of chinese in beijing live underground in tunnels and basements

can you say BUBBLE…………

“There, in the city’s vast network of unused air defence bunkers, as many as a million people live in small, windowless rooms that rent for £30 to £50 a month, which is as much as many of the city’s army of migrant labourers can afford.”

“Beijing is estimated to have 30 square miles of tunnels and basements, some constructed after the Sino-Soviet split of 1969, when Mao’s China feared a Soviet missile strike, and many more constructed since to act as more modern emergency refuges.”

read Underground world hints at China’s coming crisis

read ‘China syndrome’ means country faces dangerous property bubble


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