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‘Japanese earthquake stirred South Florida waters’

“The earthquake and tsunami in Japan was felt thousands of miles away in South Florida’s water table.”

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Is Mt. Fuji at Risk?

“The 1707-1708 eruption is the one that has some people concerned about what Fuji might have in store. On October 26, 1707, Honshu was struck by a M8.4 earthquake and less than 2 months later, on December 16, 1707, Fuji began eruptin. The initial eruption was explosive ash and puma, but within hours of starting the eruption became basaltic fountaining from a flank vent. Over the next few weeks, Fuji erupted ~0.68 km3 of material before the eruption ended at the start of 1708. The magma erupted during this eruption was decidedly mixed – from basalt to dacite – suggesting that it was fed by multiple magma sources. Ash from this eruption reached as far as Tokyo. If you look at the eruptive history of Fuji and the record of major earthquakes in Japan, you can see there isn’t any real correlation between the two, so trying to connect the October 26, 1707 earthquake with the December 1707 eruption at Fuji is likely tenuous at best.”

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a short video of the beautiful but dangerous mountain

‘Mega-Banks and the Next Financial Crisis’

the country cant and wont heal until these bankers are put in jail…..

“At the height of the housing bubble, hedge-fund manager Paul Singer was shorting subprime mortgages. By the spring of 2007, he was warning regulators on both sides of the Atlantic that the world was facing a major financial crisis.

They ignored him. Now the founder of Elliott Management says the biggest banks are headed for another credit meltdown. Among the likely triggers for the next crisis, Mr. Singer sees one leading candidate: Monetary policy “is extremely risky,” he says, “the risk being massive inflation.”

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‘Military assets in play in Libya crisis’

a list of what each country would contribute including Libya……

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More Satellite Images of the Tsunami


Where are the Worlds Nuclear Reactors?

“As Japan struggles to bring the stricken Fukushima Daiichi site under control, and politicians worldwide debate the future of nuclear energy, it’s a good time to take stock of the current inventory of reactors. Roll over the circles to find out more about each site, and use the controls on the right to home in on what interests you.”

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‘Chinese Leadership Fears Its Own People’

what are the chinese so afraid of?

“Beijing is making sure Chinese pro-democracy activists, who have called for their own “Jasmine Revolution,” do not succeed in emulating their North African counterparts. The leadership’s crackdown borders on paranoia, but the Communist Party knows that the economic miracle that maintains social stability is at risk.”

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