Gaddifi: ‘Its tyranny of US’

a wack job………………….

In a defiant, sometimes rambling speech on TV, Mr Gaddafi vowed to remain in Libya. Proclaiming the support of the people, he ordered the army and police to crush the uprising against his iron-fisted four-decade rule that has already left hundreds dead in the past eight days. He threatened to purge Libya “house by house” and “inch by inch”.

He added that Libya’s image was being distorted by Western media and denounced those instigating the protests as “rats” who had been “seduced” into demonstrations with money and drugs, adding that Libyans were “defying the tyranny of the US and those powerful countries” instead of rebelling against their own regime.

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One response to “Gaddifi: ‘Its tyranny of US’

  1. Qaddafi And His whole Regime Should Be Taken Down Once And For all.But Must Be At The Hands Of The Libyan People With The Requested Assistance Of The World Community Without The U.S’ Involvement. This Is An International Effort That Must Be Concerted To Assist The Libyans To Rid Libya Of Qaddaffi As Well As To Prevent An Takeover Of Libya By Extremist Muslims. However The United Nations And It’s Collection Of Tyrant Coddlers Would Rather Sit On Their Hands And Allow More Massacres To Occur As They Have Done In The Past.

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