Next Stop: The House of Saud

a must read from Pepe Escobar and Asia Times:

“The Arab News newspaper anyway has already warned that those winds of freedom from northern Africa may hit Saudi Arabia. And it may all revolve around youth unemployment, at an unsustainable 40%. There’s no question; the great 2011 Arab revolt will only fulfill its historic mission when it shakes the foundations of the House of Saud. Young Saudi Sunnis and Shi’ites, you have nothing to lose but your fear.”

read more here:

additional reading from gulf news:

“The countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) last night pledged full political, economic, security and defence support to Bahrain and expressed rejection of external interference in the Kingdom’s domestic affairs, WAM reported.” ……………….very strong words…………….dont look for an egypt type outcome here.

One response to “Next Stop: The House of Saud

  1. Let the rodents kill each other off! Can’t wait.

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