Is America Near a Tipping Point?

you betcha……………………..

One response to “Is America Near a Tipping Point?

  1. There is no doubt that Americans are aware of the disparity in wealth between the haves and the have-nots. Americans are a relatively educated public that are also aware that government regulation, (at all levels, Federal, State, Local) are designed to create pay-offs and corruption in order for the little guy to get into business. The enormous corruption in our society is creating a large group of very unhappy citizens. Everyone worth their salt has come up against some form of dishonesty in government, from unfair parking regulations with multiple ticketing violations, to applying for a simple permit to run a food cart. Government employees are nothing but paid enforcers of the corrupt system. That is why the Ruling Class give such enormous and unfair employment benefits like huge pensions, disability payments, medical benefits etc. to these government employees. The Ruling Class need to keep their ‘enforcers’ like their army happy at all costs because these are the people who the depend on for their personal safety in times of trouble. America is close to the tipping point and the new social media makes it easy to know what others are thinking and to organize opposition. If there is no reform in America then America will eventually be the next Egypt or Bahrain. You do NOT need to be starving to become disenchanted with unfair and corrupt government.

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