Iran vs The House of Saud?

the saudi’s are scared out of their minds……………

“So we have a tiny Gulf kingdom where the majority, 65% Shi’ites, do not even enjoy minority rights, with a king who can veto what he wants and cancel parliament at whim, living off a small oil industry, a booming finance sector controlled by Sunnis and foreigners, and strategic rent so Washington can harbor its expensive Gulf-patrolling naval toys.”

This could get really messy – and it certainly will. If protests do reach an Egyptian fever level – crackdown or not – Saudi Arabia will enter the fray to keep the al-Khalifa in power. Rumors swirl that Saudi police has already crossed the causeway to combat protests.

The Saudis, like obedient vassals, after all are fighting for the interests of the US naval base. And the circus must go on – there’s a Formula 1 race coming. One thing is certain; Shi’ites will put up one hell of a fight. And sooner rather than later, they will be back with a vengeance at the Pearl roundabout.

read more of this excellent article here:


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