Protests have come to America.

sadly, this will get worse. the banks stole all the money and the corporations sent the jobs to china and now china is ready for war to protect their national interests……….which, by the way, are our jobs.

More than 10,000 union public employees and supporters packed the Capitol Square and the inside of the statehouse on Tuesday to protest Gov. Scott Walker’s budget plan to strip many bargaining rights from state and local government workers.

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2 responses to “Protests have come to America.

  1. The new reality is here, and it is about time. The tail does not wag the Dog. Public Employee Unions need to be dismantled, wages, benefits and pensions need to be adjusted for reality. The Private Sector has been raped and pillaged by these clowns for too long. Now they attempt to hold us hostage again. FIRE THEM ALL. The employment lines to replace them, even with adjusted wages, benefits and pensions will be thousands deep. Let the Public union employee bums sleep in the streets with their families.

  2. It is not sustainable , no way around that. So we will have to cut union agreements. No way around that. I suggest teh union guys protest to teh bankers and gov officials that fucked them and look in the mirror asswipes, your own greed did you in! THE DAYS OF RECKONING ARE HERE

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