Calling Iran’s bluff

better make some popcorn……………………things are heating up everywhere

“Bahrain is absolutely crucial. The Shi’ite theocracy in Tehran obviously encourages Shi’ites against a Sunni monarchy, while Saudis are literally freaking out, thinking of their Shi’ite-majority eastern provinces, where the oil is. Saudi troops may have already been deployed across the 20-minute causeway that links both countries. And Bahrain is not Qatar or the United Arab Emirates – able to shower petrodollars to buy the silence of anyone politically inclined (anyway they’re trying hard). ”

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One response to “Calling Iran’s bluff

  1. Agreed, Saudis are scared, their days of dictatorship are numbered. They have long oppressed their people. However with regards to to Iran’s involvement in Bahrain, there is no evidence of it:

    WikiLeaks cables show no evidence of Iran’s hand in Bahrain unrest
    US sources dismissive of Bahraini allegation, and as early as 2008 noted tensions between its Shia majority and Sunni rulers

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