10,000 protest in Wisconsin

this is just the begining



3 responses to “10,000 protest in Wisconsin

  1. Those protesting arn’t the citizens of Wisconsin. They are Terrorists. They are actively looting, pillaging and raping the Private Sector for more. Now that the Private Sector is exhausted and bankrupt… they demand more.
    These are not our compatriots or friends. They are enemies, Terrorists,. KILL THEM. Everysingle one of them . Kill them, and let them depart from us. May their families starve to death in the street.

  2. @enclar333 – Your pathetic closed mindedness is whats terroristic about this story. Not these Americans. Actively looting the private sector? Have you paid attention to any of the past 8 years? Enron? Blackwater or is it Xy now? Haliburton? Financial Crisis? EVERY MAJOR BANK IN THIS FORSAKEN COUNTRY? They are the ones who have pillaged and raped this countries finances. Berne Madoff, raped finances. Limitless termed congressman are selling our future up the river. You are delusional, and calling for the death of fellow Americans, because they have different views is biggoted, and tactless and a perfect example of why the American “Empire” is falling. Pathetic.

  3. It goes without saying that the Bankers and Corporations are also guilty. The list grows everyday. The land can only be healed when these people have been cleansed from the Earth. People have choices in life. Decisions have consequences.

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