“G.O.P. Governors Take Aim at Teacher Tenure”

poor teaching has not caused our $14 trillion debt. here is my fix: cut overseas military bases, end the wars and hire more teachers at better wages. attract the best and the brightest. our priorities are backwards and are the reason for our decline.

“Governors in Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Nevada and New Jersey have called for the elimination or dismantling of tenure. As state legislatures convene this winter, anti-tenure bills are being written in those states and others. Their chances of passing have risen because of crushing state budget deficits that have put teachers’ unions on the defensive.”

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One response to ““G.O.P. Governors Take Aim at Teacher Tenure”

  1. I feel that Education Secretary Duncan and President Obama mean well. As did President Bush. But as long as school district budgets are based on local property taxes, the wealthier districts will have better schools and teachers. Resources should be spread equally regardless of property value. Teacher tenure, charter schools, standardized tests–these are all smokescreens for the real source of the so-called crisis in education–unequal distribution of resources.

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